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Lifelong Guidance System in Hungary: Evaluation of the Social Renewal Operational Programme Measure

Budapest, 2015.11.12.

Lifelong guidance service provision and improvement strategies draw together the three dimensions of face-to-face, contact centres and distant approaches Internet, telephone, email). Career guidance is ‘an essential component of modern education and training systems to (re-)orientate younger and older generations  towards  the  acquisition  of  21 st century  skills’.  Government  is  recognised  as  having an important role not only as a provider but also in stimulating the wider market in guidance and ensuring that  it  is  quality  assured.  Every  country  is  unique  in  their  infrastructures  and  cultures  for  careers resources and service delivery.  The programme for developing a lifelong guidance  system in Hungary is part of the Social Renewal Operational Programme (SROP -2.2.2-12/1). The overall objective is to
further  develop  career  guidance  and  information  tools  an  to  make  these  available  for  all  parties concerned and, as a result, increase the labour market efficiency of the working age population.

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